Who played sax on baker street

The musician behind one of the most recognisable saxophone solos - on Gerry Rafferty's hit Baker Street - has died. Raphael Ravenscroft, Raphael Ravenscroft (4 June – 19 October ) was a British musician, composer and His contribution included the sax riff on the best-known song from the album and of Rafferty's career, Baker Street. The song Baker Street was reported in as having received 5 million air plays worldwide to date. City to. Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty's masterpiece from the album City To City, sold that Bob played the sax solo on Gerry's hit Baker Street.

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Gerry Rafferty's “Baker Street” was an international hit in , Raphael Ravenscroft played the most famous saxophone solo of all time for. 'Baker Street': The Mystery of Rock's Greatest Sax Riff .. 10 years before “Baker Street” was recorded, Steve Marcus, a tenor sax player who. Musician who played saxophone on Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street dies aged Raphael Ravenscroft was paid just £ for the original.

Raphael Ravenscroft, who played one of the most recognizable saxophone solos in popular music on Gerry Rafferty's hit “Baker Street,”. Raphael Ravenscroft - the musician most famous for playing one of the most recognisable saxophone solos of all time, on the Gerry Rafferty. The sax solo as we know it today would not exist without Gerry Rafferty. His soft-rock classic “Baker Street” has to be the Ulysses of rock.

“Baker Street” by Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty and features sax solos, ever, as a prominent eight-bar saxophone riff played as a. Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. While the sax solo plays, clips of her playing the old sax are shown. It inspired a boom in saxophone solos in the late s, and it remains one of the all-time greatest But what was the backstory behind Gerry Rafferty's seminal track 'Baker Street'?. Who played the famous sax solo?.

Saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft has died. 'Baker Street' reached Number Two in the US chart and Number Three in the UK, becoming one. Musician Raphael Ravenscroft, who played one of the most famous saxophone solos in pop music on Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street, has died. Musician who played on Gerry Rafferty's hit and worked with Marvin Gaye and Daft Punk dies of suspected heart attack. That saxophone was played by Raphael Ravenscroft, a British musician who was hired to contribute to Rafferty's first solo album, City to City, which included the. The Atlantic looked at Gerry Rafferty's 'Baker Street' sax riff in , and Raphael Ravenscroft, the musician who played the riff, died last year. [13] However, the reissue of City To City included the demo of Baker Street which included the saxophone part played on electric guitar by Rafferty. A very. Advertisement. Raphael 'Raf' Ravenscroft, the saxophonist who played the riff on Gerry Rafferty's classic track Baker Street, has died at “Baker Street” is one of the most well known pop sax solos. It was recorded by Rafael Ravenscroft for Gerry Rafferty. Find out how to play this great solo in easy . The musician who played the saxophone melody on the late Gerry Rafferty's famous hit Baker Street has said it was out of tune. It's rare that we can actually pinpoint where a legend began, but in the case of the story behind who played the sax on “Baker Street,” we can!.

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