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Here's the calculation for how much a gallon of water weighs and the facts that affect It makes a difference which unit of gallon you are using. One US liquid gallon of fresh water weighs roughly pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg) at room temperature. The weight of water will always See full. 5 UK gallons water weigh are pounds or kilograms or or even the pounds is a standardized quantity at the.

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A gallon of water weighs around 8 pounds at its most dense state. Since a gallon is a set amount of space, the number of water molecules in. Normally a gallon of water weighs lbs or Kg at 17 Centigrade. Number one makes a difference which unit of gallon you are using. This converter will find the weight of water only! Convert what quantity? From: Cubic centimeters, Cubic inches, Liters, Gallons [US], Gallons [UK], Cubic feet.

Calculate the weight of water by volume - 1 milliliter weighs 1 gram and 1 liter weighs 1 kilogram. Water has a density of 1kg/L. Ans: A US gallon of water weighs lbs or kg at 62 °F (17 °C). Cold water is denser than warm water or This is a strange property of. how much does water weigh per gallon. Hi Sofie,. According to WikiAnswers a US gallon of fresh water at 4 degrees C weighs pounds. Penny. About Math .

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The weights are based on PURE water, or distilled water. A gallon of sea water ( saltwater) will weigh more than a gallon of freshwater because of the totally. Convert Gallons of Water to Pounds. w = q (1). where. w = weight of water ( lb). q = volume of water (US gallons). The equation is based on water with. This is a mensuration guide for a gallon. How Much Does a Gallon of Water Weigh. Quantification of the mass and volume of materials is. Cubic inch, , , Liter, , , Gallon, , , Cubic foot, , This number will get you in the ballpark, implying that one pint of water weighs one pound. This number is quite close to a gallon of water's exact weight of . However, I just changed the big 5-gallon water bottle thing on top of the water cooler at work. At lbs per pound, this bottle weighs about 42lbs, yet it feels way. Weight of a Gallon of Water. Date: 07/29/99 at From: Shannon Harris Subject: Weight of one gallon of water I was trying to figure out how much a gallon. What is the exact weight of one gallon of water? The best Here is a reference that gives the density of water in grams per milliliter at various. One pint of water weighs one pound ( lbs/pint). One gallon of water weighs pounds. One cubic foot of water contains gallons. Oddly enough, I am often asked how much a gallon of water weighs. I've heard guesses anywhere from 5 pounds to 15 pounds. How much.