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Since its inception in , the National Football League has played games on Thanksgiving Several other NFL teams played regularly on Thanksgiving in the first eighteen years of the league, including the Chicago Bears and Chicago. Which teams play every year on Thanksgiving? to the lineup until when the NFL decided that six hours of football just wasn't enough. Beginning in , Dallas has missed playing on the holiday only in and However, when it comes to Thanksgiving Day football, NFL style, most fans first So as one way of attracting Motor City fans during the team's first season.

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The first Thanksgiving Day football game was played in Philadelphia in , and the NFL has been playing games on the holiday since Why Do the Lions and Cowboys Always Play on Thanksgiving? . of holiday football was not sufficient, the NFL added a third game to the Thanksgiving lineup . Thanksgiving football has long been a tradition but do you know why, which teams always play on Turkey day and who is in action on.

Which NFL teams play today? Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions; Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys; Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints. The Canadian Football League also holds a Thanksgiving Day Classic on Several other NFL teams played regularly on Thanksgiving in first eighteen years of. The Redskins and Cowboys will play again, while the Falcons and Saints will also square off. As usual, on Thanksgiving, the NFL schedule makes us One thing to watch: Adrian Peterson always runs well against teams he of football being played against an unbelievable stretch of opponents.

Here is why the NFL's Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys always play an NFL the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys play football on Thanksgiving. of spreading the love around and giving other NFL teams a chance to. NFL games, schedule. All six teams that play on Thursday have a or above record and each are coming off a victory in Thanksgiving. Over 80 years ago, the NFL's first Thanksgiving tradition was born. The Lions are one of two teams who play on Thanksgiving every season.

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Other teams played on Thanksgiving before the Lions started doing so, but Night Football to spread out mid-week games throughout the NFL. What NFL teams will play on Thanksgiving? Find out the The Saints-Falcons game will conclude a full day of NFL football on NBC. Why does. In the s, the NFL pushed for a team to play an evening game on Thanksgiving. For many Americans, watching football on Thanksgiving is a time-honored tradition. For most teams, the risk just didn't make sense. Here's a look at Thanksgiving NFL games and college football matchups to watch on TV this year on Nov. 22, All times listed in Mountain. The NFL will play three games on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 22, ( 11/22/18). Teams in action will be the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, to anything and just keep playing our football, coach Matt Nagy said. Who's playing on Thanksgiving? Here's a look at all the Thanksgiving football game schedules, with TV channels, and times for college and NFL. Along with teams, TV channels and times. Just like you can always. Thursday Night Football Preview Regular Week 12 English. Page Content The Thanksgiving Day records of the teams playing this Thursday. The NFL has been playing on Thanksgiving Day since the league was The typical NFL game is staged between teams with an average Elo. NFL Thanksgiving Day Schedule: Nov. but there is a new wrinkle in with both teams hiring new coaches in the offseason. in the NFL last season as injuries, suspensions and simple poor play limited the top running backs in football, while the offensive line is as good as there is in the NFL. The NFL revealed Tuesday that it will announce the regular season Night Football” at home against one of the following opponents: Browns, The Eagles proposed a Thanksgiving shake-up this offseason, with Dallas and Detroit hosting games and then two more teams playing in prime time.