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Learn how giraffe necks remain so flexible with only seven bones. For an explanation, many point to giraffes' preferred snack of acacia leaves, which would. Giraffe Skull and Neck Vertebrae with Stand. Recognized the world over by their long necks, long legs and distinctive coloration, giraffes can stand over 18 feet. Why do so many people look up to giraffes—besides the obvious reason? The long and Just like humans, giraffes have seven neck vertebrae. For giraffes.

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A typical giraffe has 50 vertebrae, with 7 cervical (neck)vertebrae like all mammals, and a variation in the number of tail bones. As a rule all mammals have the same number of vertebrae in their necks regardless of whether they are a giraffe, a mouse, or a human. All mammals, including giraffes, have seven cervical vertebrae (Colbert, ; Galis In the long neck with many cervical vertebrae, changes in the presomitic.

Giraffe cervical vertebrae (neck bones) are shown. The head would be to the left. Like most other mammals, the giraffe has seven cervical vertebrae but the. plexus (described as many osteological and some soft tissue characters) are identical to those in Key words: neck anatomy, vertebral homology, giraffe, okapi. The giraffe's neck vertebrae have ball and socket joints. However, scientists disagree about just how much time giraffes spend feeding at.

The giraffe has an extra thoracic vertebra and an extra pair of ribs, but it has a animal mostly due to its extremely long neck, which can represent half of its total height . processes, but the “buffalo horns” aspect is much reduced. Fig Despite its elongated form, the neck of a giraffe is made up of just seven large bones known as cervical vertebrae. By comparison, the body of. cervical vertebrae - C6 and C7. The cervical spine in its entirety is much more elongated in the giraffe, compared to that of the cow and presents finer, less.

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The extremely elongated neck of the giraffe results from the disproportionate lengthening of the cervical vertebrae and not by the addition of. Mammals, on the other hand, are much more conservative. A giraffe has the same number of neck vertebrae as a human, mouse, elephant. They argued that there are seven cervical vertebrae in the giraffe, based on the .. Despite many morphological similarities between T1 of the giraffe and C7 of. Both giraffes and humans have seven neck vertebrae. The difference, however, is that each giraffe bone can be over 10 inches long. Many have asked how the giraffe got all these interesting features. Some suggest Conger, C., If a giraffe's neck has only seven vertebrae, how is it so flexible?. A giraffes neck can measure over metres (5 feet) in length, however, it contains only seven vertebrae the same number as in most other mammals, Unfortunately, too much blood being pumped to its brain at one time would be fatal. It has been proposed that the giraffe possesses 8 cervical vertebrae due to the vertebra has many morphologic differences from the other cervical vertebrae. How many bones do giraffes have in their necks? being incredibly tall, giraffes still only have seven vertebrae in their necks – which means a giraffe neck has. The only other animals with any obvious neck constraint were pterosaurs. In contrast, cervical vertebrae vary freely in birds and reptiles: there can be as many as. Although giraffes have extremely long necks, they only have seven cervical vertebrae, which is the same number found in humans. These vertebrae are.