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Brent Jay Spiner is an American actor, comedian, and singer best known for . He also briefly reprised the role of Data for the series, providing a voice-only cameo in the Enterprise finale These Are the Voyages. Brent Spiner, Actor: Star Trek: First Contact. Brent Spiner, whose primary claim to fame is his portrayal of the beloved android Data on the television series Star. Brent Jay Spiner (born 2 February ; age 70) is an actor best known for playing the android Starfleet officer, Lieutenant Commander Data, on Star Trek: The.

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1 day ago 'Star Trek: Picard' is adding a pair of 'Trek' veterans to its cast: Brent he is playing Data and not Data's android brother B-4 — with Jeri Ryan. 1 day ago 'Star Trek: Picard' Will See the Return of Brent Spiner as Data, Jeri Ryan as the panel also brought out Jonathan del Arco who played Hugh. What happened to Data after his Star Trek tour of duty ended—and what has actor Brent Spiner been up to since?.

Brent Spiner is an actor best-known for his starring role as Commander Data in the television series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION and its four. 8 hours ago Portrayed by Brent Spiner, Data was the breakout character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Audiences were enamored with the. Actor (38 Credits). Title Role Year Star Trek: Nemesis (Movie) Data/B-4 Corrina, Corrina (Movie) Brent Witherspoon Star.

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Star Trek Picard – The Top 10 Actors who could replace Brent Spiner as It goes without saying that Brent Spiner has played the character to. I'm on board for Tom Hiddleston playing Data, but nobody can ever replace Brent Spiner's performance as the character. Actor Brent Spiner who played Commander Data in Star Trek The Next Generation 19 May by Anne MacKay. Done. Richard Pullar and Dean Conley faved. Brent Spiner - Born in Houston, Texas. Actor best known among sci-fi fans for his portrayal of the android Lieutenant Commander Data in the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek TNG, Data, Brent Spiner >>>> I think we all have to admit, Brent Spiner was Brent Spiner ❤ I love the glasses Star Trek Cast, Spock, Best Actor. It's Brent Spiner's birthday today, and to celebrate is The actor's run as Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation spanned Brent Spiner played Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation for seven years and in four feature films. He also co-wrote the story for Star Trek Nemesis with John. Lovely shot of Brent Spiner as Data from the Star Trek TNG TV Series. Photo measures 8x10 and is official product licensed through the studio. The latest Tweets from Brent Spiner (@BrentSpiner): Shocking how much I look like Zuckerberg. #StarTrekPicard #StarTrek @ BrentSpiner Here's a REALLY bad photo I took on the A terrific comedian and actor. 1 day ago Generation character Data (Brent Spiner), Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine ( Jeri Ryan), and the Borg will all play roles in the new series.