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Between these 6 methods, there's bound to be one that matches the tools you personally have on hand in order to make a new hole in your. Use a leather hole punch to put a new hole in your belt it's easy. Here are three smart ways to do it right and extend the life of your old belts. A leather hole punch is ideal, but with. If you have many belts to adjust, look for a rotary model with a wheel of attachments in different sizes. If you are making a belt from scratch, the holes are typically spaced ½ ( cm).

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No need for a hammer, heated nail held firmly with pliers, can make the pointed knife can easily cut you another hole in your leather belt. DIY Belt Holes: last week I purchaced a belt from a retail store before trying it on, but when I put it on at home it didnt fit, so instead of returning it I decided to take. Put the belt on and mark where you want the new hole to be with a pen. Take the belt off and secure it, good side up, to a piece of wood, using.

There is a device, a “heavy duty leather punch” with various sizes of sharp hollow tubes that are used to cut the holes. You turn the wheel the. What is the best way to put a new hole in my belt? Views · What's the How do you shorten a belt without having to punch new holes in it?. Place your punch where you want a new hole. Hammer the punch through the leather. Belt leather is pretty thick, so this may take several blows.

A leather punch is a hole punch specifically for making holes in leather. The working tip of the punch is a hollow steel cylinder with a sharp circular knife-like. Taking a piece of another soft material, for example, thick pigskin or cork instead A leather hole puncher is preferable as it helps to make really tidy punctures. Leather Belt Hole Punch Tool - Professional Hole Puncher for Shoes, Watch Our heavy duty rotary hole maker set takes the strain and is easy to squeeze.

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Best Leather Hole Punch Set for Belts, Watch Bands, Straps, Dog Collars, I'm off to do another belt(apparently when you're older and buying horse belts, the. Gucci Marmont Belt - Sizing and Adding More Holes. If you take a look at my It comes with different width spokes. First check to see which. I've heard so much about this revolving leather hole puncher on Amazon – I called around I need to figure out what to do my flopping ends. If you want to make sure it blends in with the others, create a the post below for the full instructions on how to add another hole to your belt. Belts have numerous holes to allow users to find the best fit for them. Sometimes an Instead of buying a longer or shorter new belt, why not add a new hole to your favorite belt? How to Make a Leather Belt Smell Good. How do I punch more holes in a belt The Money Savers Arms. All for no charge too, but I did end up buying another belt. We're gonna be. Rotatable Belt Hole Puncher with 6 Different Sizes Used for Belt, Watch Belt, ability to create stronger punches; especially useful as a leather hole punch. Diyife Leather Hole Punch, (Perfect Full Set) Belt Hole Puncher, Heavy Duty . hole or even make hole on both sides but it does the job without spoiling the belt. from the picture and product no UC but you get a totally different cheap. This post covers the best methods for making holes for belts and other leatherwork projects, using several different types of leather hole punch. Just bought two new belts, but they are too large for me, I tried cutting, but I still need to add one more hole to the belts. Can I just go to Macys more hole to the belts. Can I just go to Macys and ask if they can do this for me?.