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Chapter 1: How to make Condor Feather To get a Condor Feather you have to make a chaos combination with the Chaos the. Added the Helper Assignment feature for a party member to make a request to the party Condor Feather, 60%, 2nd Wings of level +9 / option 4 or higher. hi i need a bit of advice, how much % could i get for item like argo amor+11+16+L for making condor? or how much % for hyperion.

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El Condor Feather es necesario para poder crear Wing Level 3 este item no dropea asi que se tiene que crear en la Chaos Machine mediante. This Guide Shows you how to make Some Original LvL3 Wings ~3rd Wing Combination~ 1) 1st Combination Feather of Condor Required. making of condor feather - posted in Talk/Chat/Flood: making of condor i want to make a 3rd wing. in the past mu i have played. its working. i.

1 Wings Making Step by Step; 2 Items Needed; 3 Finding Items Flame of Condor: Commonly dropped by Mobs in Stadium And Barraks. Rep: Unreal has a reputation beyond repute. Rep Power: Casino Cash: Default making / rasing % on feather of condor. El item Condor's Feather o material para crear las alas 3º level se puede crear combinandolo en la maquina del chaos / chaos machine.

To get a Condor Feather you have to make a chaos combination with the Chaos Goblin. Place your 2nd Lvl Wings+9+option, 1 Jewel of Creation, 1 Jewel of. on how-to create 3rd wings and Feather of Condor etc, and it was noted there that maybe we need to start play at mu legend. original webzen. Official 3rd-party [MU Online] Fan Site and Game Guide! Condor Feather The [ Item Level] cannot be increased. [Condor Feather]. [Ingredient Item]. You can make in Chaos Goblin (Noria ,) and. Condor Flame. You can find by killing mobs at the Balgass Barracks, Doppel Ganger-A. Mu Online. Feather of Condor: Feather of Condor. Page 1 of 2 - Feather of Condor - posted in Mu Online!. To create a chaos item you need to put in the Chaos Machine 1 Jewel of Chaos + To get a Condor Feather you have to make a chaos combination with the. In order to create Level 1 Wing, you need to create atleast (1) Chaos item. To create a chaos item First you need to create a Feather of Condor. To do this you. 1st Combination > Required Combination Material FOR:Feather Of Condor ~1 or more +7+4 or higher ancient item(best if option is +12 DO. Składniki do zrobienia wingów 3 poziomu. =1 FAZA= Feather of Condor*. Jak zrobić: [*] Wingi 2 stopnia +9+4 (albo lepiej) [*] 10 souli [*] 1 chaos [*] 1 Creation.