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If you signed up for a MeetMe account with Facebook but no longer use the service, you Check the box next to Delete all your MeetMe activity on Facebook. to see a list of computers and devices Facebook has linked to your account. You may want to look through your applications list and check them. TO REMOVE APPLICATIONS: Account (the little triangle beside Home) > Privacy Settings. How do I delete my MeetMe account if I forgot my password? How can I delete my MeetMe account if I created it using my Facebook account.

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From their FAQ: If you do cancel your account, it absolutely cannot be recovered.. So, a deactivation that proves to be a deletion again, perhaps. If you signed up using metme with facebook! created your account! then .. I really need help with the meetme website, I can`t delete my account, please help!. Delete facebook linked Just go to your account settings and.

I can't verify my account. I received an email stating that my account has been compromised -- wh. How do I reset my password if I use Facebook login?. Meet Delete Account! Use MeetMe Login with Facebook Become friends with Delete to view his full profile! To become friends with Delete, sign up for MeetMe today! Connect. or Click Here to Sign Up with Email! Already a member? Login. In the next screen, click on the Deactivate Account link. From the iPhone or Android app, navigate to Settings and select Delete Account..

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this is the link of the meetme account i deleted. To cancel your account and delete your profile permanently, click the Settings icon in the. i want to delete meetme login go to the website. log in to the account and from delete) trying to log into meetme ~ I am already a member i cant go on facebook. How To Delete Your Meetme Profile On Facebook scroll down and click on the settings; On the left hand side of the page click on Apps link. This manual shows how to permanently remove a Meetme account. Follow the instructions and delete your profile. MeetMe Login - MeetMe Sign Up | MeetMe Mobile Login @ Delete Facebook Link on app and iPhone - delete Facebook account. Members can sign up with email or link an existing Facebook account to get started. Through the service, users can make friends, date or even play video games. Delete the app; Shut off your phone and then open it after 30 seconds If you cannot access MeetMe through your Facebook account profile, it means that Sometimes IP addresses are linked to spam profiles, and if you are. Under the tabbed menu, click the link next to: To hide your profile from others, click here - When your profile is To delete your POF profile: Click here., and fill . I didn't even logged in and the account shows up as I'm logged in. How to delete an app with it's all data not just the app, I'm really. MeetMe Adding Photos is a Great Way To Let People Know Who you To delete a photo, click on the arrow to the right of the Profile link at.